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Personal Contract Hire (PCH) offers a financially viable alternative to purchasing a new car. PCH is equally popular with private individuals and people who are opting out of their Company Car Scheme and wishing to utilise a Company car allowance to finance a new vehicle. There is no worry about depreciation costs as you simply pay for the use of the car and change it at regular intervals.


  • Low deposit
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Road Fund Licence, Manufacturers warranty and in nearly all cases, comprehensive breakdown cover are included
  • Just hand the car back at the end of the contract and take out a new one, so avoid the hassle of having to sell privately or the disappointment of part exchanging
  • Drive a new car regularly, therefore avoiding MOT's and unforeseen bills (on average contracts last 24 - 36 months, although shorter contracts are available on certain models)
  • In most cases it will cost you less money than buying, over the same period of time, due to the heavy depreciation experienced on new cars
  • There is the option to take out a Maintenance package to include servicing and tyres
  • Free delivery and collection to UK mainland

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