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Personal Contract Hire

Contract hire proposes a truly intelligent alternative method of acquiring a car. Personal contract hire provides many benefits to both private individuals and those who are electing against company car scheme, desiring to instead use their company car allowance to lease a car. As with other forms of car leasing, there are many benefits that this poses over buying a car outright:

Advantages of Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

  • Low initial payment – usually the equivalent to three or six monthly payments, a payment profile can be tailored to suite you and your financial situation.
  • Fixed monthly rate – when taking out a lease with UK Car Contracts you have the peace of mind knowing that you will pay the same amount every month without any concern of increase or interest of any kind.
  • All contracts include road fund licence (making leasing a highly cost effective option) and full manufactures warranty (protecting both your car and you for years to come for added peace of mind) with some contracts also including comprehensive breakdown cover.
  • Leasing contracts normally 24, 36 or 48 months. Throughout this period of time a car brought outright would depreciate greatly in value, if you were to then go through the stress of selling privately or part exchange you would be left heavily out of pocket. 

On personal contract hire however, you simply return the vehicle making for a much more economical option, where in most scenarios it costs less than buying outright given an equal term. 

  • After returning the vehicle, you can lease again, enabling you to drive another brand new car. Regularly driving a new car offers many benefits in its own right. Avoiding MOT's and unforeseen bills (saving you money, and stress free). Allowing you to take advantage of the rapid changes in technology since your last contract.
  • For even more peace of mind you can take the option to a maintenance package including servicing and tyres
  • Free delivery to any door in the UK mainland.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)

A different form of personal car leasing is personal contract purchase, this is suitable for private individuals who wish to take advantage of all of the mentions of personal contract hire with a guaranteed optional purchase price at the end of the term.  

The finance of your payment is determined by the difference between the new and the guaranteed future purchase price - resulting in lower monthly payments.

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